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Eshmuno® Q resin– the smart anion-exchange resin for superior downstream

Downstream processing is the most time-consuming and costly process step in biopharmaceutical production. With Eshmuno® Q resins, you achieve superior productivity and maximum performance in your downstream processes using anion-exchange chromatography, for example in biomolecule purification or blood factor separation.

Your benefits
  • Superior productivity for biomolecule purification
  • Increased stability
  • Considerable savings in cost and development time

New: Eshmuno® Q resin

Eshmuno® Q resin is part of our newly introduced Eshmuno® family of unique “SMART” ion-exchange resins. Eshmuno® Q resin is an anion-exchange resin combining a proven tentacle structure for more effective binding of target substances with the advantages of a new hydrophilic polyvinyl ether base matrix. As a result, Eshmuno® Q resin offers outstanding results in typical anion exchange applications such as removing impurities in flow-through mode or separating blood factors in plasma processing.

Superior productivity for biomolecule purification with Eshmuno® Q resin

Eshmuno® Q resin exhibits a superior binding capacity for various biomolecules. What is more, this high binding capacity is not affected by high flow rates. For this reason, Eshmuno® Q resin allows the use of much higher flow rates resulting in considerably higher productivity in your purification processes.

Eshmuno® Q resin: Superior stability during storage

Unlike conventional anion exchange resins, Eshmuno® Q resin is intrinsically stable against alkaline solutions used in column sanitization. Measurements show that Eshmuno® Q resin retains its high binding capacity during storage in 1 M sodium hydroxide solution whereas other anion exchange resins suffer considerable reductions.

Save costs and development time with Eshmuno® Q resin

Eshmuno® Q resin shows remarkably sharp elution of the target molecule in a wide range of applications compared to other anion exchangers. Higher concentrations of target molecules with significantly reduced elution volumes render further concentration steps unnecessary. This way, you save money on buffer solutions and consumables as well as valuable time.

Global Support

Our Global Applied Technology Department supports Eshmuno® resin users with a global network of application centers on three continents and with effective training programs. Check our latest course offers here.

For more information, please contact us.

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